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Cutify Media & Marketing are searching for South Africa’s cutest babies, kids and pets. We give away over R12,500 every month per competition. Our competitions are fun and interactive and have got the whole of South Africa talking.

We’ve been running monthly, vote based competitions, since 2014. Votes are cast via SMS or other payment channels. Entry is FREE. Participation is optional. Having fun is mandatory!

Please be aware of imitations.

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Bonus Round – IMPORTANT NOTICE – 31 OCTOBER 2018

If you voted during our final bonus round on Tuesday 30th October; thank-you for your patience and understanding, with regards to the systems failure disruption, experienced between 19h00 – 22h00 on Tuesday evening.

What happened?

The internet connection between our short-code provider’s platform and the mobile networks, particularly MTN and Vodacom, was disconnected. This meant that you could send an SMS vote, but it wasn’t being received or logged with our short-code provider.

This also meant that no reply messages were being sent, by our short-code provider, acknowledging any SMS votes being received. During this time, the mobile networks stored all SMS votes.

The internet connection was restored just after 01h00 yesterday morning 31.10.2018 and the mobile networks started delivering the stored SMS votes.

The SMS reply messages are generic and only change during a bonus round and because the bonus round had ended at 22h00, the reply message reverted back to the standard response, indicating that only 1, 5 or 25 votes had been received, depending on which short-code was used.

What did we do?

Throughout the day yesterday, the mobile networks continued to deliver stored messages, received the night before during the bonus round as well as continuing to deliver standard SMS votes. There was no way of knowing which messages were standard votes and which were bonus votes.

In light of this and in order to be fair; all SMS votes received between 19h00 on the 30.10.2018 and up until midnight yesterday 31.10.2018 have been tripled.

We will announce the winners of the competition on Tuesday 6th November to allow for any and all queries to be dealt with. If you have a query with regards to this particular bonus round, please make sure we receive it as soon as possible as we will be unable to assist you once the winners have been announced.

We are deeply sorry, that the technology we rely so heavily on, failed during a critical time of the competition. We have taken the matter further to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Cell C Subscribers – IMPORTANT NOTICE – 1 AUGUST 2018

From 1 August 2018 Cell C subscribers won’t be able to vote via SMS for any Cutify administered competitions namely: Cute Baby SA, Cute Kid SA, Cute Pet SA, Cute Couple SA and Super Cute SA.

You can however vote via SnapScan if you download the app and register with SnapScan. This remains the most cost effective way to vote.

It is strongly advised that should you canvas votes from friends, family and the general public that you convey that Cell C Subscribers can not vote via SMS.

From 1 August 2018 Cell C no longer supports the use of Premium Rated SMS services from our platform and you will not be able to vote via SMS in our competitions. 

What does this mean? There are two short-codes used to vote via SMS in our competitions; 41868 (R2.00 charge) and 42130 (R30.00 charge) which are managed by our short-code provider. When you send a message to either 41868 or 42130 your mobile network provider charges you for the message/s and then delivers confirmation to our short-code provider. Our short-code provider then sends you a “thank-you” SMS message confirming receipt of your message.

From 1 August Cell C should no longer deliver your message to our short-code provider and all messages to 41868 or 42130 should fail and you should not be charged. If a Cell C Subscriber does vote and have been charged, kindly contact Cell C directly to seek a refund immediately. We suggest keeping proof of any messages you may have been charged for. Cutify Media & Marketing will not reimburse any costs to Cell C subscribers.

Cutify Media and Marketing have no access to any mobile network infrastructure, including billing. Any and all queries with regards to billing should be redirected to your mobile network providers’ customer services team.

We do realize that this may disappoint some of our entrants but unfortunately there is little we can do if a minor South African network chooses not to support the technology used globally. We are committed to running our competitions fairly and are working on some exciting changes to our voting format and urge you to check our websites in the coming months.

How does it work? – TECH TALK – 2 FEBRUARY 2018

This document outlines what happens when you SMS a Premium Rated SMS number.

Cutify Media_How The Tech Works